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The core pillars of our working philosophy and principles of engagement are confidentiality, mutual trust and respect, and integrity. And a dash of personality! We’re an elite challenger consultancy redefining the market, just as disruptive as our clients.

However, more than anything else, we want to help you succeed under our CHALLANGE™ philosophy and methodology: it’s about cutting through the noise, the latest buzzwords, and management fads to create a clear and effective strategy with achievable goals; it’s taking you out of your comfort zone to help you and your team learn and grow so that you’re well placed for the future; it’s a whole lot more than we want to bore you with right now, but it’s why we’re not your average run-of-the-mill consultants (yawn).

Our passion is seeing you succeed – what matters to us is giving you the best support to be where you want to be, and in a manner you’re comfortable with. Of course, we want our relationship to last so that you can rely on our support whenever you need it; not just setting you up for success now, but continuing that success as your business grows, adapts and faces inevitable challenges.

We’re also 100% independent – we have no hidden agenda that you need to worry about because we have no affiliations with any products or services from anyone else. And when we say something, we truly mean it. We’ll give you nothing but our honest advice and appraisal every time, because that’s what you deserve.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re large or small, Allan Panthera will take you to the top and help you stay there.

What does it mean? Well, it’s a portmanteau: ‘disruptive’ and ‘enterprise’ merged together. We get really excited about disruptive enterprise and it’s part of our DNA: it’s about bringing the future to your business now so that you stay ahead of your competition; it’s innovation in action; it’s differentiating your offering and making an impact in a crowded market; it’s strategic excellence for the 21st century, and our ‘secret sauce’. But there wasn’t a concise word to describe all of that, so we created our own!

To help you apply this philosophy to its optimal effect, we ensure the utmost discretion and never allow for a conflict of interest to occur. When you bring us on board, you receive a unique competitive advantage tailored to you and your business. We look over the horizon and bring it to you today, giving you an edge that no other can provide. Disrupterprise® is a level up to our normal prestigious service, is high impact, and for the brave.

As Masters of Disrupterprise®, Allan Panthera will utilise our core capabilities to drive you to where you need to be. Our list of sectors and services detail some of the specifics of what we offer, but essentially it boils down to bringing fresh Generation Y eyes combined with a commercially experienced head, which is so often missing from more ‘established’ consultancies (and why we consult them).

We’re working with clients all over the world in stealth mode who are ready to pounce, as well as businesses who are visible in their markets and dominating the competition: all of them reaping the rewards of applying Allan Panthera’s Disrupterprise® to their needs.

We believe we have something special going on here at Allan Panthera. Lots of reasons give us an edge over our competition, but it’s really the edge we give our clients over their competition which stands us apart.

Compared to a lot of consultancies, we have actually ‘been there and done that’ in business: we haven’t tried to enter the business world from another unrelated sector or career, even if there might be some similar skillsets. No, we started at the bottom and rose to the top in a variety of industries and roles, so you can truly rely on our experience.

We’re also redefining consultancy and keeping our finger on the pulse to future-proof your commercial success. Over a decade of global commercial success across a range of industries means that no matter what size of business you have or what your commercial needs are, we are prime placed to deliver. You won’t receive a one-size-fits-all approach taken from a trendy book because that’s not our style, but you will receive a bespoke method of support (our Challange™) which will be crafted to ensure success based on your needs and goals.

Our USPs:

  • Our founder 
  • Company ethos
  • Challange™philosophy and methodology
  • Disrupterprise® application 
  • Multi-disciplinary expertise and skillsets but with a level of single-client attention
  • Dynamic service delivery: agile, accessible and responsive to suit you, including mobile and video consultancy if preferred 
  • Business experience from the business world
  • Accessible offices in North America, Asia and Europe for our clients and target markets
  • 100% independent consultancy – no hidden affiliations or commercial incentives with any suppliers of products or services

For your peace of mind

  • £1m professional indemnity, £5m public liability and £10m employer’s liability cover
  • Personally Identifiable Information certified

Jamie Allan – In the words of Liam Neeson in Taken, Jamie has a very particular set of skills that he has acquired over his career, and some highlights include: he’s a lawyer by trade; has an MSc in Management, Enterprise & Innovation; has a BSC certificate in Risk Assessment; is a guest lecturer at Edinburgh University Business School; is a mentor to Aberdeen University Masters students; is a speaker at global industry events; and has held a range of prestigious commercial roles across different industries including a leading international law firm, a top 5 global retailer, a FTSE 100 global oil and gas engineering firm, one of the world’s premier commercial drone/UAV services companies, a global marine services business, and Europe’s leading offshore logistics provider.

“A master of all trades, jack of none” and “a safe pair of hands” are how clients have described him. Jamie’s been at the coalface on the ground and risen to C-level, so you can trust that he knows the pain points experienced by you and your team. Importantly too, he’s learned the lessons in how to succeed in each role and has the track record to prove it. Compared to others out there he doesn’t pretend to be a guru, but he’s an astute problem solver, has a love of learning, and excellent and unique commercial acumen. Jamie’s clients know that he goes above and beyond for them, and that pride of elite service delivery is instilled within Allan Panthera.

After experiencing first hand the results of stress in others, a healthy work/life balance is hugely important to Jamie and he encourages those around him, professionally and personally, to look after their mental health. Outside of work he is a keen footballer, sailor, F1 fan, all round sports and outdoors enthusiast, and traveller, whilst also enjoying the more ‘sedate’ interests of current affairs, theatre and cinema.

Allan Panthera has chosen the charity Panthera as its Charity for 2023. https://www.panthera.org/

The word Panthera is of Latin origin and relates to a genus of large cats, mostly who roar, including the lion, jaguar, tiger and leopard. Interestingly, as our founder’s star sign is Leo and as an owner of two cats (called Leo and Ziggy), he chose Allan Panthera as the company name to reflect the many similarities of the genus within his own personality, as well as that of his business.

Consequently, the work of Panthera was identified as a fitting choice to be our first chosen charity. We’re incredibly proud to support Panthera, who are the world’s only organisation which is exclusively devoted to the conservation of the globe’s wild cats.

John Gallacher

Business Development Manager

Closely supporting the legal sector to benefit from the range of tailored services we offer, John brings a wealth of experience from award winning firms Johnston Press and Neilsons Solicitors.

Outside of work, John is passionate about volunteering with youth organisations across the UK.


Chanel McKee

Oil & Gas Account Manager

Chanel has extensive experience and an enviable contact base in the O&G sector from her previous professional experience in Aberdeen.

She provides all of our clients with a personal touch to support their commercial goals and business needs, and is especially adept at identifying opportunities for companies to transition and diversify inside and outside of the O&G sector.


Erin Murnin

Market Development Manager

With a passion for sustainability and the environment, and a track record of excellent customer service, Erin provides our renewables clients with bespoke services to help their businesses grow in a dynamic and competitive landscape.

She has an international outlook from her time spent abroad including Malta and the Czech Republic.


Nymisha Ilapakurthy

Associate Consultant

Having previously worked for Facebook under global consultancy leaders Accenture, Nymisha brings significant experience in compliance, governance and fraud monitoring on top of her MSc in International Business Management and Bachelors in Computer Science.

She is responsible for business development in our disruptive technology sector in addition to executing strategic projects and consultancy work across our range of sectors due to her creative flair and aptitude for problem solving.


Aashrith Raj

Associate Consultant

Aashrith also joins us from Accenture with a matching academic background as Nymisha, having worked for YouTube in their all-important copyright and legal support team where he supported IP owners from the infringement of their material and rights.

He brings deep analytical skills and a passion for sport, and so is a natural fit for our professional sports sector where he supports clubs, teams and stakeholders to benefit from our commercial services, in addition to supporting our wider business sectors with consultancy and project work.


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