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As you’ve hopefully seen elsewhere on our website, we’re all about Disrupterprise® and that covers both services and products.

Allan Panthera’s natural ability and desire to quickly learn about your business’s valuable and unique offering in your chosen target markets means that we waste no time in creating and deploying the strategy you require in order to achieve your goals.

Whether you prefer a guerrilla campaign or a stealthier approach, our dynamic and switched-on minds are primed with industry experience and success to give you everything you need to maximise your innovative potential (certainly more than these rigid, established consultancies).

We can also apply our unique Challange™ methodology to your business, which is perfectly suited to disruptive technology and services. That’s why we have international clients in exciting fields such as GPS-denied object tracking, offshore autonomous systems, elite motorsport marketing, and environmental protection; all of them disrupting the norm for their markets.

Some examples of the support we can provide you with in this sector includes:

  • Commercial strategy and business growth
    • Business development, sales and marketing
    • Social media
    • Process improvement
    • Go-to-market
    • Disrupterprise®
    • Change management
    • Investment and fundraising
  • Commercialisation of products and services
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Market analysis
  • Contracts review and support
  • Trademark, branding and copyright protection
  • External negotiations and dispute resolution
  • Business troubleshooting
  • Reputation management and crisis communications
  • Business contingency and continuity planning
  • Mentoring and coaching for all levels of staff
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Pitching for contracts coaching
  • Recruitment support
  • Tender/bid support
  • Company green credentials and carbon output calculations, and market strategy

“Jamie Allan is a very strong communicator, who is always looking for solutions with a strong customer focus, creating a win-win solution. He demonstrated a good work ethic and interpersonal skills. We outlined a scope of work to be completed, and he successfully completed that work in the time required. He put in extra hours as necessary in order to meet specific targets that we set. I teamed him up with other colleagues to work on more complicated projects. He seemed to work well with the other team members, and I found him very personable. In general Jamie exceeds the targets given and overall, I would strongly recommend him in any organization.”

Business Development Manager, FTSE Listed Global Engineering Company

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