Don’t be the salted caramel of the business world, please…

Has anyone else noticed how salted caramel is everywhere these days? You can’t escape it, much the same way as chorizo and peri peri have crept into our lives over the years. 

I prefer just normal caramel, like a Cadbury’s Caramel chocolate bar. Why has salted caramel suddenly become the go to flavour? 

It’s likely to be another trend, as it doesn’t seem like a revelation of gastronomic creation to me. 

But why is this related to business? 

Well it got me thinking: why is everyone making salted caramel products? 

And, therefore, what could be the next bandwagon? 

Is it really ‘innovative’ to apply the same core flavour to various products? 

Or is it good business to take advantage of a popular wave of flavour fashion?

It’s akin to the fast follower or first mover strategies.

My point is this: in a crowded world of salted caramel, when will you be prepared to break the mould, pivot, and become the new ‘flavour of the month’?

If you don’t innovate, or keep looking over the horizon, then you’ll constantly be chasing the pack just to stand still.

We love supporting businesses to be disruptive in their markets, who want to stand on their own, and who want to make a real change. 

So for me, please don’t be the salted caramel of the business world. Be the next big flavour, and you’ll taste sweeter success!* 

*Yep, had to get the puns in, sorry…

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