The ‘Good’ Sales Guy Vs The ‘Bad’ Sales Guy…

For our first Blog post, we looked at a topic we’ve seen in nearly every single business. Can you relate too?!



He never shows up to work or meetings on time, and always seems to be out of the office ‘working from home’ or at ‘client meetings’.

Often you can’t reach him on phone or email, and rarely get a response.

He is arrogant.

He’s very friendly with the boss and seems to be given an easier time than the rest of the team.

He treats his colleagues as inferiors and doesn’t offer to help them.

He doesn’t get on with the team.

He follows no defined sales process, either the company’s or an industry standard.

He doesn’t do admin – he rarely updates the CRM.

Manufacturing and accounts have to tidy up his booked order mistakes.

He frequently gets caught stretching the truth about things.

His aftersales service to clients is non-existent.

He’s middle aged or older, and isn’t interested in progression.

He often brings in large, lump sum orders.

He meets or exceeds his targets.

His remuneration package is £100k a year.

Q. Why is he ‘good’? A. “He brings in the most money to the business, about £1m p.a.”

The Devil is in the detail…


He’s always on time and puts in extra hours in the office when not at meetings.

He responds on phone or email as soon as possible, if not straight away.

He is lacking in confidence.

He always gets a hard time from the boss.

He treats his colleagues with respect and always offers to help them.

He gets on well with the team, and they all seem to like him.

He follows the agreed and defined sales process every time.

His CRM and admin is flawless.

Manufacturing and accounts love dealing with his booked orders.

He always tells the truth and acts with integrity.

Clients love him, they can’t speak highly enough about his level of service.

He’s young, keen to learn and has the potential to go far in the wider business.

He brings in a steady amount of smaller orders.

He meets some of his targets, but not all.

His remuneration package is £45k a year.

Q. Why is he ‘bad’? A. “He doesn’t bring in the most, only about £700k p.a.”


So who would you rather work with?

And who would you rather manage?

Of course, there are a huge number of other variables in the background to consider than our brief example.

But frequently, the perception of good and bad in sales can so often be viewed narrowly, based on how much one person ‘brings in’ to the business.

There are other costs which are regularly forgotten about, tangible and intangible, that actually mean the ‘bad’ sales guy provides the
best value for money to the business.

Look deeper, see further.

If you want to understand the true cost and benefit of your sales team to your business, and how to maximise employees’ potential, speak to Allan Panthera about taking our CHALLANGE™ to achieve your business growth ambitions.


 *Any reference to the masculine gender includes the feminine.

Inaugural Saudi Drones Summit Invites Allan Panthera As Honourable Speaker

The first ever Saudi Drones Summit and Expo 2019 has invited CEO of Allan Panthera, Jamie Allan, as Honourable Speaker and Panel Member to present his expertise on UAS integration and operation into organisations, as well as to form part of a panel discussion on progress and innovation in the wider global drone industry. Given Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” strategy and the recent launch of digital permission to fly applications in January this year, the opportunities in the Kingdom have recently been valued at $2.5bn by Goldman Sachs, ahead of the likes of France, Germany and the UAE. Drones will play a significant part in realising these ambitions as the country looks to quickly continue its modernisation and growth plans. Jamie said, “It is a privilege to be invited to the inaugural summit and expo in Riyadh, and I’m looking forward to supporting the burgeoning drone industry in the Middle East as, of course, we recently established an office in Dubai to serve this key region.

More details can be found at

Allan Panthera Opens New International Offices

Allan Panthera, the elite multi-disciplinary commercial consultancy, is proud to announce the establishment of two new offices in Dubai and New York to serve increased international demand for our services. Located within Manhattan and the Dubai World Trade Centre respectively, Allan Panthera’s choice of strategic locations within North America and Asia will allow clients within these regions greater access to our consultancy services. Commenting on the opening of the new offices, Jamie Allan, CEO, said “It has long been an ambition of mine to quickly build an international presence in our key markets. As a company which has a strong passion for helping others with their business growth plans, it is also necessary that we are well placed to do the same with ours. In addition to our headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland, we can now provide our consultancy services in a more accessible manner through these exciting global hubs, which are major centres for some of our areas of expertise within the energy, sport and drone industries.”

To view our office addresses please click here.

UK Government Trade Delegation to China Selects Allan Panthera Client

One of Allan Panthera’s clients has been selected by the Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP) to form part of a select 11-company delegation of innovative offshore wind businesses to China between 16-23 March 2019. The GBIP is a fully funded Innovate UK programme delivered by Enterprise Europe Network and includes pre-visit preparation for the chosen companies as well as organised meetings during the visit and post-visit support: all with the aim of advancing the innovations each business can offer the Chinese offshore wind market. Jamie Allan, CEO, will be representing his client in the delegation and said, “It is an absolute honour to have my client selected as part of the exclusive business delegation to China. My client has a truly unique technology solution for the offshore wind industry which solves many pains the owners and operators of offshore wind turbines face, and to represent them to advance their business abroad is a real pleasure and testament to their faith in me to maximise this incredible opportunity.”

Allan Panthera Selected to Speak At Fireside Summit 2019

Allan Panthera is delighted to have been invited to speak at the inaugural Fireside Summit 2019 in Bath, UK. As a completely ‘off-grid’ event about start-ups and innovation, the tech-focused conference is like no other because there is no mobile reception and no wifi at the location! This, say the organisers, is critical to the atmosphere of being “switched-off” and, therefore, truly reconnecting with each other; aside from a powerpoint-free conference under 5 different tracks, conversations and new ideas are also fuelled around camp fires with fellow entrepreneurs. Jamie Allan, CEO, said, “It is a real pleasure to join other esteemed colleagues within the tech space as a speaker at Fireside Summit 2019. Having previously experienced some serious and negative effects of being constantly connected for business, it will be great to continue my own efforts on work-life balance and completely disconnect over the course of the summit (as hard as it will be without the use of my phone!). I’m also looking forward to being immersed in such an innovative environment with fellow entrepreneurs, discussing emerging tech, sharing my experiences and also learning from the richness of theirs.”

The Fireside Summit 2019 takes place on 3-4th September, more details can be found at